What to Wear this Fall!

Mongtomery County Photographer Fall Style Guide What to Wear this fall for family portraits

ERica Colvin Photography

If you’ve been a customer of Erica Colvin Photography for a bit, or at least followed my Facebook page you know I’m obsessed with Fall and Christmas. The weather change over is one of my favorite things… I love sweater weather, corn mazes (okay that’s a huge lie they are a big fear of mine haha), football games, bonfires, harvest parties, the excitement that back to school brings, the okay to wear the color mustard, and of course all things pumpkin. (You have not lived until you have had a pumpkin whoopie pie… a huge part of my childhood in the York/Adams County area.)

One of my favorite things I love offering to my clients in the Montgomery and Bucks County area is wardrobe consults. All great family session outfits are built with three things in mind:

  1. Basing your look on three complimentary colors
  2. Adding in Patterns, Stripes, Layers, and Texture
  3. Find outfits in a particular order….

I discuss these at length in this blog post here I created when I dressed my own family for our session last summer at the beach. And since sharing this blog post with my clients I’ve gotten a ton of texts with outfits laid out on the bed and I love it!

These good bones and a solid location will be the first steps in having a successful family session. It is RARE that I will say that head to toe matching outfits will work for a photo session.

Here are a few more tips to help you prep for your 2016 Family Session with Erica Colvin Photography:

  1. Dress everyone comfortably– Meaning if your youngest hates buttoned pants (like my Thomas) don’t torture yourself and pick those pants out for him for his session. I tend to put my “more complicated” outfit (suspenders or an extra layer) on my older son, who has always been one of those kids who didn’t care what he wore. Keep those things in mind as you’re building the pieces for your session.
  2. Stay in your budget– For my own family sessions I typically splurge on my outfit. Why? Two reasons- a)I’m not going to outgrow it in six months. b)if I feel confident and attractive in my outfit I relax a bit more during the session. Obviously I want your family to look amazing, but if you’re dressing your toddler in layers with a $40 cable knit sweater that you fell in love with from the Gap that you absolutely must have (speaking from experience), then don’t hesitate to grab a $5 tshirt from Target for under it or pair it with the $8.88 jeans from Crazy 8. In fact, 9 times out of 10 my husband isn’t wearing anything new for our family session. I tend to stick to the same color pallet from year to year (because I’m mustard and navy obsessed) so he usually has a piece that works already in his closet. This allows for me to splurge a little bit elsewhere, like the boys shoes which can be worn after the session daily.
  3. Borrow some pieces– Eventually I want to have a full closet of accessories for you to pick from, but for now, I most certainly have a ton of boy clothing from 12mo-6 year old including a ton of suspenders and vests which make for great layering pieces. Have a friend who has a necklace you compliment every time you see it? Why not ask to borrow it for a day and give yourself a confidence boost and a free budget item.
  4. Put on some make up-Look there are 3 reasons I put on make up…. a wedding, family pictures, and date night. (And date night might be a stretch) I do not frequently wear make up, but being a photographer I know that a camera will grab focus at contrast, which make up provides. So I put on the basics for my family sessions so that my features (eyelashes, lips, defined cheekbones) don’t fade away. But remember just like dressing your “no button pants” kid comfortably, no need to over do it if you’re not a make up gal! But that being said, it’s fun to have your make up professionally done as well! I had it done for my head shots last fall by Niki and should have planned a date night that same evening because I felt fantastic!
  5. Breathe- Everything does come together! And even if some travesty of drooled blue m&ms on a white sweater, feet that suddenly outgrew shoes, a shrunken dress, a lost vest, or a hole in a brand new sweater (all have happened in the Colvin household…. we’re a mess) I promise it’s very likely that I’ll still be able to make you look like a walking catalog and have images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

Here are the three pinterest boards I’ve created for this fall for inspiration:

Board One: Family of Four- One Boy and One Girl: Color Scheme- Cream, Navy, Maroon


Board Two: Boy Mom Inspired- Two boys- Color Scheme- Maroon, Tan, and Converse


Board Three: Full House- School age boy, School age girl, Toddler Boy, Toddler girl- Color Scheme- Black, Maroon, and Olive


Uh oh!!! Has my mustard obsession gone maroon?!

Can’t wait to see what you’re wearing this fall for our session in the Montgomery County area!