Sweet G’s First Birthday Session {Lansdale First Birthday}

My first kiddo was a smiley baby who was easy to laugh and please, my second was a super serious baby (now the class clown) who would stare down anything in his path and was always focused and internalizing everything in his environment. Sweet Gianna who visited me right after her first birthday surpasses both my boys in happiness! She had just fought off a cold a week prior so we pushed our session back a week, she managed to have a smile that not only lit up her entire face but lit up my whole North Wales studio!  Typical first birthday sessions consist of: one “dress up outfit”, a themed outfit, and then a cake smash. Usually babies last about 45 minutes tops, so with these 3-4 set ups I save the cake for last…. because cake can go one of two ways… either they love it or hate it…. and by then the shoot is over and we’re all exhausted! But sweet Gianna was here to model and work!  We were able to do quite a few different outfits and a cake smash (not pictured) She was certainly #teamcake! Check out some of our set ups here!

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