Final Edit {And some behind the scenes at ECP}

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Here’s the final edit from Davis, Daniel, and Justine’s image! Since joining the studio a year ago I’ve learned a quite a bit about how to use and adjust off camera flash. This particular image was taken with a D600, AB400 in an 86 PLM with window light to the left.  To the naked eye you might not see a ton of difference between my SOOC (straight out of camera) shot and my final image……… why? Because for the last 5 years I’ve worked hard in knowing how to take an image that needs little to no adjusting from when I take it to when I deliver it to you.

Here’s a bit of the process for my family session images:

The straight out of camera is uploaded into Lightroom from the SD card to my computer.

In Lightroom I rate the images that at first glance could possibly make it to your gallery with a 5 star.

Then I take out the non rated images and take a second look at the ones with 5 stars. Once again I narrow down the best of the best to do my hand edits on. These images are exported into Adobe Camera RAW where I adjust white balance, exposure, contrast, noise reduction, etc. The second image in this series shows those adjustments (SOOR).

The file is then pulled into Photoshop where I may clean up the background, reduce skin redness, clean up drool (like in this one), whiten teeth, reduce under eye bags, etc and then make any other adjustments I may feel needed to make my images consistent with my style of organic, clean, and bright.

Ideally I’d like to do as little as possible from when I upload my image to my computer to when I have it ready for your reveal and order appointment.

But that means knowing my camera: which ISO, aperture, shutter speed and white balance setting. It means knowing how to place the light (be it natural window/outside light or off camera flash), knowing how to pose a family, knowing which props to incorporate, knowing how to make people smile, knowing how to make people interact with one another, knowing which outfits look coordinated, knowing which location works best, just the start of the amount of education and work that goes into an image even BEFORE I press the button on my camera.

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